Pizza is probably the best food that there is. Not only is it full of goodness, but there are so many things that make it one of the best foods out there. The great thing about pizza, is that no matter what you like, there is an endless combination of ingredients to put on a pizza to make it unique and a go-to for most families. But if you ever feel you want to try new ingredients, here are a few staples that should always be seen on your pizza when you go looking for an Italian restaurant at Southbank.

Cheese – not much more needed to be said!

Cheese makes everything better. It makes the pizza, to be honest. Not only are there so many styles of cheese to choose from, but each and every flavour is so unique and adds so much texture and flavour boosts just for your pizza. If you want some new ideas for pizza, try and think a little out of the box. There is feta, cheddar, mozzarella, goats cheese, parmesan, etc. The options are endless, and it literally melts in your mouth. What more could you want!


Whether you want chicken or pepperoni, or even bacon, there are many ways to create the pizza of your dreams. Depending on what kind of cheese and sauce that you choose, you can make and create a pizza that best fits your flavour palate. There ae even different kinds and ways that they cook these meats that give them added flavour. For example, chicken, you can get teriyaki, grilled, fried, etc. Even pepperoni, you can get it spicy or non-spicy and even with bacon, you can get back bacon, or even just regular ham.

Tomato sauce – this is essential

The tomato juices that come out when you put the pizza in the oven, gives the pizza a tenderness, almost like a softness, but it isn’t too soft. It is just right and will make the pizza a soft piece of heaven, for your mouth.


Whether you choose red onion, white onion, or caramelised onion, they all offer a particular texture that should enhance either your meat based, or veggies based pizza. Onions just have that great texture that can go good with anything!

Pizza’s are great, but the best thing is that we get to play a little. It’s almost like you have become an artist, but the best part, you get to eat your masterpiece! So if you are looking for the best Bay St pizza in Port Melbourne then book your table at Pizzagrillo today!